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Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart

Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart
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Product Description

Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart

Our 4 seasons Color Charts are laminated to be waterproof coated. They are foldable to carry in purse when shopping.

This chart makes it easier to find cool blue based 'Winter' colors.

It doesn't matter if a color in isn't a direct match to colors on the chart, so long as that color harmonizes with the butterfly and at least two other colors on the chart, it's a Winter!

Example: The red on this chart is the least blue red a Winter can wear. Bluer reds with also harmonize with three or more colors on this chart (including the butterfly which is a basic often used for purses, coats, belts, shoes.

Silver platinum and pure white work great with all Winter colors.

Gold or bronze work better with warm colors like orange or mustard yellow. The colors that clash with the Winter chart.

Cool based Summer colors are similar and look good with soft silver but they are too mid tone bright or dull washed out against Winter colors. Winter colors have more contrast.

Note: Colors on your monitor may not be true. These color charts are true Pantone colors.