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What's My Skin Type?
______________________NORMAL SKIN

Skin is fresh, well balanced with a smooth texture that begs to be touched. Simple basic cleansing and light moisturizing plus daily sunscreen is all thatís generally needed.

______________________COMBINATION SKIN

Skin has oily areas that appear most often in T-zone or on cheeks. Nagging blackheads and blemishes can occur in these areas.

Itís important to treat oily areas and breakouts without drying out surrounding skin. (Try our 3 blemish stoppers) With proper care, using products like Clear Skin in problem areas, skin can be rebalanced and look radiant

______________________OILY SKIN

Usually it abates by our mid-twenties but can remains into later life or re-occur due to hormonal changes from pregnancy and menopause.

The good news is that Oily skin doesnít winkle as early as dry-dehydrated skin. Surface texture and breakouts can be controlled and reprogrammed with proper care. Skin needs NON OILY PRODUCTS such as our potent Clear Skin and protection from sun and pollutants. Itís important to treat the oiliness without dehydrating skin.

______________________DEHYDRATED SKIN

As skin matures into our 30ís and 40ís, little wrinkles and surface imperfections begin to appear. Added attention is needed to keep a youthful appearance. Often skin appears dry but is actually dehydrated. Skin may need help to exfoliate dead skin cells and expose fresh healthy cells. This may require AHA treatment or other exfoliators. Skin needs protection both night and day.

Fair skin is the most wrinkle prone and lines form earlier than in darker skin, which has more protective melanin. Lighter skins needs particular care.

_______________________MATURE SKIN

Approaching, during & after menopause, skin can act up due to natural hormonal changes and imbalances due to our body maufacturing less estrogen and progesterone. Skin may lack luster and resiliency without proper care. Suddenly oily or patchy dry rough areas may appear. Skin may become spotted or tired looking.

The key is to rebalance skin using natural herbal, mineral and vitamin enriched products to plump thinning skin with anti-oxidant, anti-aging protection.

________________________DRY SKIN

Skin can be so parched that it burns & itches after washing. Northern European skins are more prone to dry skin (especially those who donít tan but burn easily). Skin is fine and nearly blemish-free in youth but requires added protection from sun and the environment.

Gentle, effective care with lots of moisturizing & hydrating is needed as we mature to prevent early wrinkling in dry skin.

Weather extremes can cause temporary dry skin as can certain Medications and advanced age. Proper care & treatment can hold back signs of aging to protect and renew skin cells.

________________________SENSITIVE SKIN

Often caused by pollution, harsh products, food or chemical sensitivities. Sensitive Skin is prone to splotch, sting or rash due to sensitivity to certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes, oils, or even natural plant extracts. It is important to de-sensitize skin by using specially designed ultra-gentle products free of known irritants.