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Warm Autumn Undertones
Warm Autumn Undertones

ERIKA (left) is an Autumn with red hair and fair skin

Even though her eyes are steel blue, wearing most blues, pinks or lavender make her skin look pale and washed out. Turquoise, teal or aquamarine blues, salmon and coral are far better with her cameo complexion. Being an Autumn, she can wear deeper colors right at her neckline like the pine green she is wearing here. Erika can also choose colors in the natural and the classic Autumn makeup colors.

If you relate to one of the 4 color groups below, try that color group first. If you are confused by this, go with the colors you feel best wearing or contact us for more help.

AUTUMNS reflect very warm colors

Rich Golden and Amber Base colors, fall and earthy tones

Natural blush: bronze/cinnamon/terracotta/warm burgundy/warm mauve

Choose colors like tea, mulberry, oyster, khaki, tan, olive, pine, terracotta, rust, salmon, pumpkin, orange red, russet, muted plum, merlot wine, turquoise & peacock blue, teal, muted marine blues are good choices- Khaki, olive, brown or tan slacks usually work better than blue or black

Accents: Ivory/Gold/Bronze/Coral/Topaz/Amber