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Warm Tone Autumn & Spring Colors
Warm Autumn or Spring Colors are they best for you?

Erika is a Very-Warm Autumn with fair skin & blue eyes Even though her eyes are pale steel blue, baby blue, most pinks and lavender make her look pale. Teal, Salmon, Ivory & Rust, Pine and Bronze are far better with Autumn skin tones.

Amber Based colors are great on Autumns

Autumns look healthy in ivory, tan, khaki, olive, terracotta, russet, salmon, orange red, aubergine, saffron, warm turquoise, warm teal & peacock blue.


WARM YOUTHFUL SPRING COLORS Golden/Peach Based Colors that are full of fresh sunshine &

Blush: apricot, coral pinks, bronze, mocha or peachy pinks

Springs look great in medium contrast hues such as peach & cream, dusty pink, beige & camel, buttercup and periwinkle, light khaki, & tangerine. Princess Diana was a Spring- her sapphire & gold ring matched her blue eyes & blonde hair. ________________________________________________________

If you relate to one of these color groups, try those colors first. If you are confused by this, go with the colors you feel best wearing or contact Linda for help. ________________________________________________________