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Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion in 8.5 fl oz airless pump

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion-Pump
Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion-Pump
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Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion-Pump

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Dry, Sensitive Skins, Rosacea Prone

Free of common allergens, no fragrance, no mineral oils, no alcohol or irritating emulsifying agents.

•Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Microdermabraded skin. Ultra-mild, gentle cleansing, dissolves makeup instantly, cleans deep within pores.

Does not contain fragrance, essential oils, colorants, volatile alcohols, sulfates, acids, strong emulsifiers, lanolins, mineral oils and parabens. Ingrdients that help are Yucca with saponin-rich natural plant cleanser.

Green tea (camellia oleifera) a soothing plant antioxidants calms skin during cleansing process and Sea whip the strongest soothing action of all sea plants.

This water-rinsable cleansing lotion, used by professional cosmetologists, gently dissolves make-up and impurities that can irritate sensitive skin without disturbing its vital protective barrier.

Ultra Gentle cleanses skin without leaving it feeling tight or uncomfortable. Free of common allergens, fragrance, colorants, mineral oils, alcohol or irritating emulsifying agents, paraben-free

Massage over wet or dry skin then rinse with warm water. Follow with toner for dry or sensitive skin.

Available in 8.5 fl oz in Plastic bottle with airless pump

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