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Total Age Corrector

Total Age Corrector
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Product Description

Total Age Corrector

Lifts - Contours - Illuminates

Our low price is only $79.95! You save big over manufacturer's suggested spa price of $187 on this same amazing new facial skin corrector.

Total Age Corrector is a multi-action restoring serum for - All Skin Types, Maturing & Mature with no harsh ingredients.

TRC transforms the look of skin, regardless of age, with 10 synergistic time-reversal technologies and targets the most intricate and devastating causes of premature aging to provide unprecedented age-correction action.

Total Age Corrector also features age-corrective Time Reversal Complex (TR-6 Complex) to correct visible aging in all skin types – regardless of age and ethnicity. If AHA's are too much for your skin, this product gently corrects skin while providing moisture and more.

Red algae (hypnea musciformis), found in shallow shaded sub-tidal reefs, provides dual matrix protecting action and limits cellular and tissue damage caused by AGE that weaken and destroy the skin’s firming proteins. After 28 days, red algae reduces the restores the organization of the collagen matrix to promote restoration and overall firmness.

TR-6 is a remarkable blend of 6 unique and natural age-corrective technologies that include:

• Multi-action niacinamide • Architectural peptides • Cell-signaling CT-peptide* • Repairing phyto-regulators • Protecting plant stem cells • Detoxifying cress sprouts

This comes with a beautiful full color brochure that explains how it works and how to use it with other skin care.

Net wt. 1.35 fluid oz in platinum/white airless pump bottle shown in photo, Made in USA.