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Summer Cool Color Chart 2

Summer Cool Color Chart 2
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Summer Cool Color Chart 2

LAMINATED waterproof - can be folded to carry in purse

4 seasons color charts by Transformations are used in color analysis seminars to blend wardrobe colors, makeup colors, hair colors, purse, shoes and even for art & interior design colors. Each chart is laminated and can be folded to fit into pocket or purse. Instructions come with them. __________________________________________________________

Summer Colors are actually a softer slightly warmer version of Winter colors that include lots of true pastels & soft 'powdered' colors. The name Summer represents cool blue lake water & pastel blue sky rather than the heat and sunshine of summertime. This has confused a lot of us over the years.

Summers look great in powder blues, gray-blues, blue-grays, blueberry & soft navy, lavenders, soft aqua, coco browns, soft-magenta, raspberry, rose pinks and soft whites. Some dark haired Summers can wear soft charcoal while most choose silver or cool medium grays.

A Summer's metals are white-gold, silver, brushed silver and platinum. Stones: amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine, opal. Pink and fresh water pearls & crystals are nice with Summer's coloring.

There are fewer Summers than the other groups. They tend to be pale light pink to medium skinned. Some are ice blonde but usually hair is medium ash or taupe brown to deep cool brown in adulthood. Summers look sick in mustards. Only the softest cool yellows work for on them if at all and usually that's after a little summertime tan. Gold jewelry isn't the best against a Summer's cool coloring unless hair is dyed blonde or it's mixed with diamonds or pearls.