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Spring Warm Tropics Color Chart 4

Spring Warm Tropics Color Chart 4
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Spring Warm Tropical Color Chart 4

LAMINATED waterproof - can be folded to carry in purse

Spring colors are warm, clear, some are bright tropical colors: Coral pinks, peaches, tangerine, lime, guava, blue topaz, peridot, aquamarine, periwinkle, buttercup, etc.

Transformations 4-seasons color charts utilize 25 strategically placed colors designed to harmonize and blend with all colors containing that season's base colors.

You don't need to match. The color in question simply needs to harmonize with more than 2 colors on chart. Some colors like light gold, neutral beige, chocolate brown will look good on both colors warm charts and can be worn by both. (Autumns & Springs) Generally the Spring colors are clearer brighter while the Autumn colors are more muted and earthy.

Tranformations Wardrobe Color Charts come with directions and can be used to find all colors for that group. These charts work perfectly for clothes, coats, shoes, purses, nail colors, hair color even interior design and art projects.

Spring colors are warmer like dusty rose to bright coral pink, peaches and cream, tangerine, buttercup, milk chocolate, bright clear aqua and topaz blue colors that traditionally hit the stores right after cold Winter months each year. They are clear fresh brighter colors in more relaxed styles after gray winter weather.