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Solar Defender Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Solar Defender Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
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Product Description

Solar Defender Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Broad Spectrum, High Protection Sunscreen designed for face and body that really works even on sensitive faces. High Protection Solar Defender $11.05 off manufacturer's suggested price.

Solar Defender broad spectrum UVA/UVB with 10% zinc-oxide Spf-30 goes on sheer and disappears in seconds. Just a sheer amount is very protective and stays on well.

"Sunscreen is important all year, not just in summer. We are fair skinned and trust it on sunny snow in Winter and reflective water in Summer even over higher spf numbers that left us burned in the past. The added zinc oxide seems to be the key. It doesn't wipe right off if I touch my face or perspire or irritate my sensitive skin."

Great for all skin types-even very sensitive skins. Paraben-free, Solar Defender doesn't clog pores or feel sticky. Apply as needed during the day and Just wash off with cleanser at night.

Made in USA. Net wt. 4.5 fl oz in white opaque bottle with press open lid ____________________________________________________________

More info on sunscreens:

SPF indicates the amount of time it takes to turn slightly red 24 hours after sun exposure � not how much sun protection is delivered. The FDA has defined SPF as the amount of time it takes to produce minimal redness (erythema) in the skin via UVB exposure. This is called the Minimal Erythemal Dose (MED), and it�s achieved when the skin attains the amount of UVB required to produce redness, more commonly known as sunburn.

SPF only applies to UVB light which is only the burning ray.

Wearing a high SPF provides a false sense of security. Three reasons: 1) The SPF rating only applies to UVB protection, not the amount of UVA protection that is delivered, which may be low or non-existant. UVA contributes more to aging than UVB and has been found to cause a high percentage of melanomas. 2) Most people do not apply enough sunscreen to get the SPF stated on the bottle. 3) Since even the highest SPF sunscreens are depleted as they lower UV energy rays, sunscreen must be reapplied every two hours to achieve the stated SPF.

There is no such thing as sunblock. As a professional, you should never use the term Never, ever . . . ever! Why, you might ask, when everyone else in the industry does? Because my clients depend on me for the truth, which is: No sunscreen completely blocks UV rays.

So a very high SPF gives a false sense of security. It's more important to apply and use frequently with good ingredients such as are in our Solar Defender. With the added protection of 10% Zinc-oxide, it also stays on well to last longer.