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Slide It Up Lip Brush

Slide It Up Lip Brush
Item# VP50

Product Description

Slide It Up Lip Brush

Silver lip brush slides up when your remove the lid and but it onto the back end of the brush to slide right up. The handle becomes longer so you can apply lip gloss or lipsticks like the pros.

This two piece lip applicator protects the brush which automatically slides back when closed. Now you can take it along in purse or store anywhere safely. Here we are showing the two together with the brush up plus an extra lid. By putting the lid on the normal end it automatically retracts to close again.

So, lid placed on back end automatically slides brush up into open position. Putting lid back on other end automatically closes up and protects the bush.

You can clean the brush the open position with soapy water or brush cleaner. 2 Piece lip brush comes in a clear vinyl outer reusable package shown.