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Skin Brightening Duo

Skin Brightening Duo
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Product Description

Skin Brightening Duo

1 Serum and 1 Moisture Creme to use as a pair day and night.

Refine. Clarify. Brighten. Balance. Luminate. Fade. Revive. Reveal clearer, more even toned skin Minimize blemish-related discoloration Fade age spots and sun spots Refine pores and uneven texture Revive youthful luminosity and clarity also safe throughout pregnancy

Fade To Light™ Serum Hyperpigmented, Imbalanced, Blemish-Prone, Uneven Skin

Reveals clearer, more even toned skin... Minimizes blemish-related discoloration... Fades age spots and sun spots... Refines pores and bumpy, uneven texture

Azelaic Acid DOES NOT result in: Photo-sensitivity (easy sunburn), bacterial resistance to antibiotics, dryness, staining or bleaching of skin or clothing.

Made in the U.S.A 1.35fl oz in pump

Fade To Light™ Creme Discolored, Sun Damaged, Aged, Glycated, Sluggish Skin

Made in USA. net 1.7 fl oz in tall airless pump bottle

Visibly brightens discolored complexion... Diminishes intensity of brown spots... Improves uniformity of the skin tone... Revives youthful luminosity and clarity