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Roseacea, Freckles, Sunspots?  Try These Products

Tiny broken capillaries can appear on nose and cheeks, in both genders, as we age causing sensitive skin. Due mostly to sun damage, it may eventually require medical treatment or lazer removal. Blue eyed, fair skins must be extra vigilant. Harsh climate, smoking, drinking, caffeine, heavy spices, soaps or harsh products can exacerbate this condition.

It is essential to protect and pamper dry and sensitive skins with the most GENTLE products and care. Our unscented Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion plus Bioflavinoid Toner is great for sensitive, dry and roseacea prone skin. Calming Biolipid Repair Lotion helps to repair and calm sensitive skin.

__________FRECKLES or SUN SPOTS:

Very fair skins & redheads often freckle due to sun exposure which is melanin pigment grouping in tiny clusters to try to protect skin. Sunscreen is very important to protect skin along with hats, visors even parisols. Try Solar Defender high protection sunscreen loaded with zinc oxide.

Some of our products can help reduce sun discoloration such as our gentle Retinol Resurfacing Complex or the Triple Fruit Acid AHA products.

For Sun spotted mature skin try Triple C & E power complex to help turn back the clock.