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Photobiotic Gel Creme

Photobiotic Gel Creme
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Product Description

Photobiotic Gel Creme

Photobiotic ™ Gel Creme High Performance tech age skincare for All skin types - All Ages to help protect skin against the harmful effects of sun, infrared (IR) and HEV blue light, including cell phones and computer screens.

Even those of you who use nothing else, but spend time on blue screens, your skin will thank you now and later!

Plus it is a light non-oily moisturizer. Great for young skin and at any age with light moisturizing, plus skin protection. Actively defends and balances the skin's micro-flora.

Refines pores and uneven texture - rapidly plumps and smooths out surface lines and wrinkles with instant and long-term hydrators

Great for these skin conditions: Sun, Screen & Pollution-Aged - Energy Depleted - Dehydration - Imbalance skin -Tired & Dull - Uneven Texture - Sensitized - Over Processed - Sun Damaged

Anti-Aging and Sensitive Skin because a lot of sensitive skin and redness is showing up because of high tech screens and pollution.

Oily Acne Prone can use this to help with breakouts caused by stress.

Teens and older, male or female, can use daily. Anyone concerned about preventing the effects of high energy visible light.

Many love to be in the sun! but too much can cause early aging and damage when we spend hours in the direct sun. Now its digital aging, too, with so many of us spending hours on laptops and cell phones from an early age.

5% Hyaluronic in Photobiotic, it will help balance cells in the oily acne prone skin. Unscented and Non-Oily yet it makes skin feels so soft.

Don’t let your high school grads leave home without Photobiotic Gel Creme. They will have lap tops and hand held devices that can cause early digital aging, uneven and excessive pigmentation. Good even for acne prone.

Photobiotic ™ Gel Creme is made in the USA. Net 1.7 fl oz (50g) in large frosted jar with new press down applicator within gives you just the right amount of product. "A little goes a long way".

Retails for $70 and up in spas and boutiques.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE_ happy users comments:

"I have very dehydrated, sensitized, acne-prone skin that requires regular (often drying) treatments. I love this and the cool feeling it has on my face. This does an excellent job of soothing away the redness and inflammation. I also quickly noticed how much brighter and clearer my complexion looked after using it the first couple of times."

" I have combo skin with sun damage and uneven texture from past acne scarring. I noticed after a couple of weeks that my skin felt significantly more smooth and balanced and sunspots are visibly lessened" ____________________________________________________________

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