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Panthenol Cleanser Large Pump

Panthenol Cleanser Large
Panthenol Cleanser Large
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Product Description

Panthenol Cleanser Large

Normal | Dehydrated | Slightly Dry Skin

Large well over 8 fl oz in plastic bottle with airless pump to give you the right amount of cleanser. Paraben-Free

Richly foaming, soap-free gel helps hydrate dry, dehydrated skin while cleansing away dirt, makeup and dulling dead skin cells. Skin feels ultra clean, soft, supple and refreshed. Great in shower and at sink.

Contains natural scents of citrus, clary sage, bergmot, tuberose, rose and jasmine oils.

Panthenol Cleanser is slightly bluer than in past years due to the replacement of paraben with environmentally friendly natural sea buckhorn. Otherwise, it is still the same formula people love and now more planet friendly.

Made in USA. comes in handy pump bottle (recycle <] stamped plastic)

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