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Moisture Boost Hydragel

Moisture Boost Hydragel
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Product Description

Moisture Boost Hydragel

For all skin types, especially-Dehydrated and dry

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Moisture Boost Hydra Gel Serum is fortified with natural planktonic extracts and glycerin to retain moisture, this cooling serum quickly absorbs and hydrates to improve skin tone and relieve signs of dryness.

Can be used alone, mixed under or with foundations or under moisturizers to boost it's hydrating effects and super soften moisture depleted skin!

Use under creams and lotions for extra protection all day and at night. Perfect in dry heat or winter cold. Just a little pump or two does the job and you can use it on neck and around eye area under eye creams.

Net 1.12 fl oz (30 ML) in glass airless pump bottle

*If skin is severely dry and needs extra nourishing oils & lipids, you can use Nutriment Blue Oil for ultimate moisturizing under rich Calming Biolipid Repair Creme or under Continuous Moisture Creme