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Liz in Purple Rain Blush
Elizabeth is a fair skinned, blue-eyed Winter who freckles in the sun. She is a light skinned Winter with cool blue undertones: Her eyes are intensely striking- clear blue. Liz is not the typical winter although like Mandy they look great in dramatic cool based makeup colors and wardrobe colors.

Liz is wearing Ninja 'Black matte' Ultimate Eyeliner and Classic Jazz Eye Shadow Compact

Windup Eyeliners in winter charcoal and black along lower eyelids, bring out the blue in her eyes.

Unfortunately her blush Purple Rain was discontinued. Warm colors look muddy on Liz who has done a lot of modeling and yoga. She was also an Olympic Games rower! When modeling under runway lights, cameras and heavy makeup, she could pull off colors she wouldn't wear in real life.