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Linda uses Calming Biolipid Repair Creme
Linda uses Calming Biolipid Repair Creme

Calming Bio-lipid Creme - Dermatologist tested

Fragrance free, paraben and colorant-free

Contains moisturizing Shea butter, natural olive, jojoba and sunflower oils, natural sea whip and anti-oxidants, free of all common allergens.

With my naturally dry sensitive skin, I use Calming Bio-lipid Creme in dry indoor heat & cold windy weather as a night cream. It's even great skiing in the dry Rockies. I'm careful to protect my light skin from the sun with Solar Defender Sunscreen whenever out of doors. Linda layers over needed layered over Cell Youth Actif Serum.

I use Cell Youth Actif every day/night before moisturizer.

In hot humid weather, I switch to Oilfree Hydrating Fluid after applying the Cell Youth Actif.

Recently I've been using Triple C & E complex where I tend to have a few stubborn pores along side my nose and two more just above my jawline. It has really worked to open and soften them for extraction plus it protects skin from sun damage.

Solar Defender is a must whenever outside, even when driving. My husband wears it daily on his face and neck. He works outside a lot and the little trial size in his pocket to reapply during the day. Our fair skins spot easily in sun. Gentle Retinol Resurfacing Complex at night, helps fade sun spots while smoothing surface lines.

I use Lip Remodeling Treatment on and around my sensitive lips before bedtime or in the day as needed.