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Linda  67
Linda 67

Cell Youth Actif twice a day plus Solar Defender for sun protection outdoors helps her sensitive skin stay youthful.

Sun tends to bring out little freckles and spots which I combat with Retinol Resurfacing Complex at night where needed for spots and fine lines, before applying Cell Youth Actif.

Bioflavinoid Toner after gentle cleanser helps keep my pores clear and removes the chlorine & hard water to which I'm sensitive. It also preps skin ph to accept moisturizer.

I use Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Creme when skin feels dry in winter. I'm allergic to scents and it is unscented. Cell Youth Actif has made my skin less dry and gives it a glow without being greasy so I can use Oilfree Hydrating fluid in warmer humid weather plus I found Triple C & E keeps pores clear along sides of my nose and jawline without drying out skin.

Exfoliating is so important since mature skin doesn't turn over cells rapidly. B3/Hydrating exfoliator and the ultra gentle cleansing grains are good choices for sensitive skins as well as Refiner Smoothing Age Protector.