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Feng Shui Powder Blush

Feng Shui Powder Blush
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Product Description

Feng Shui Powder Blush

Feng Shui is a cool based 'cool natural' that can be worn year around with cool blue-based colors that Winters wear so well. It doesn't work well on Summer undertones but does work well on somewho need quiet Winter undertones. Feng Shui is best on light and medium-light skin when just a little color is needed.

Triple milled for quality this pressed powder looks natural on a Winter's skin tones.

This color is lighter than Mauvewood, making it a good choice for fair skinned Winters or those who only want a little color. It is too gray on an Autumn's skin.

Net wt. .3 gr/.1 oz, Available in a hinged black case with view lid