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Eye Serum Illuminating Contour Lift

Eye Serum Illuminating Contour Lift
Item# 5EYE10MU
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Product Description

Eye Serum Illuminating Contour Lift

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Finally an Eye Serum that addresses all of the changes in the upper and lower lid for a total eye contour transformation using natural anti-gravity technology.

All Skin Types: Sagging Eye Contours, Glycated & Discolored, Dark Shadows, Puffiness, Deep Lines & Wrinkles

Visibly firms, lifts and sculpts eyelid contours Minimizes dark shadows, puffiness, surface and deep lines and wrinkles Shields eye area from aging high energy light produced by smartphones, tables and computer screens

Ingredients: Uplevity-(TM, high energy light deflection Phyto Melanin 1 and Matrixlift technology with red algae, Cornerotherapy Peptide, Phyto-repair and protecting Plant Stem Cells.

Use as you do any eye cream - apply a small amount around eyes on clean skin. This Eye Serum comes with a beautiful color brochure with in depth information. No, it doesn't sparkle or have a scent.

Net wt .50 fl oz in airless pump, Made in USA.

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