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Envy Me Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner

Envy Me Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner
Item# EL431
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Product Description

Envy Me Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner

These dazzling, long lasting, waterproof pencils glide on incredibly smooth and soft for a high quality look to light up eye color.

Green teal with gold iridescence

Eyeliner for those who look good in brown, beige, gold and warm mid tones.

Envy me can bring out eye color. Warm blondes and those with blonde highlights or warm brown hair often look over done in heavy black eyeliner.

This medium tip eye liner is easy to apply and can be corrected for a few seconds before waterproof color sets, to last throughout the day.

Excellent choice with the Spring mid tones color pallet any time of year. Especially nice with with aqua blue, light hazel and golden brown eyes.