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Creme Beige #3 pink

Creme Beige Moisture Complex
Creme Beige Moisture Complex
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Product Description

Creme Beige Moisture Complex Foundation

Savings on this last batch of the east coast foundation with good coverage. This Creme Beige #3 is a cool pink beige was discontinued so only a few left.

Self adjusting emollient based Moisture Complex is a whipped liquid make-up combining light-weight natural oils with ELASTIN COLLAGEN gives a moist powder finish.

Creme Beige #3 can brighten sallow skin complexion. It blends with lavender, soft gray, blue, and silver wardrobe colors so this color was not formulated for orange or golden skin tones.

Net wt. 1 fl oz. in glass bottle with spatula in lid. This formula will not be continued.