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Cool Tone Summer or Winter
Cool Tone Summer or Winter

Winters with fair skin like Elizabeth and 'Sleeping Beauty' can have clear blue eyes with dark hair. Winters tend to have high cheek bones in balanced oval faces, often with almond shaped eyes: usually deep dark or hazel but sometimes clear icy blue eyes like Elizabeth. Most winters don't freckle like many red heads unless they are very fair and exposed to harsh sun.

Winters look best in blue based colors: blue violets, blue reds, blue grape or cranberry , intense fuchsia, black & white. Simple tailored clothing lines in solids, smooth textures or silky fabrics, simple angular patterns or repeats woven in, even stripes or just one bold color accent can work well. Lucky Winters can find black or white coats, purses and shoes. ><><><><><><><><><><>

COOL SUMMER - Summers colors are slightly warmer, softer mid-toned versions of Winter. Think soft mohair or angora sweaters, more pastels and not so intense. Summers wear stone, cools gray and jeans better than black winter slacks or pure whites. Soft navy is better than Sailor dark winter navy and harder to find. Softer colors and pattern can help near the face.

Summer undertones are blued but less dramatic lower to mid contract. Soft blue, greys, lavender, mint, cool pink and a little grayed black, more pinkish reds, more warmth, a little cool brown, Softer fabrics and style lines or relaxed suit lines are good.

Black and White can look harsh on a Summers. Even a gentle pattern like curved roses or paisley helps.

complicated strong multicolored patterns and coarse textures are too much for either group. Summers and Winters can avoid orange and amber, mustard yellow and bronze tones.

Silver and platinum harmonize with all Winter and Summer colors.