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Bioflavinoid Toner Spray Mist
Bioflavinoid Toner Spray Mist
Item# 2T18S

Product Description

Bioflavinoid Toner Spray Mist Temporarily sold out!

All skin types | Dry-Sensitive | Sun-Damaged | Couperose | Mature and maturing | Undernourished

Super concentrates of Vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids instantly reduce visible signs of reddened or couperose skin.

Reddened or couperose skin responds quickly to this concentrate of time-released Vitamin C, Aloe Barbadensis and Lemon Bioflavonoids — two of nature’s best known agents to control dry, sensitive complexions plagued by red, spider-like veins.

Helps reduce redness, softens rough area skin.

Does not contain alcohol, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrance, parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives

Mist before or after moisturizer 2-3x a day or as needed. Just close eyes and mist.

Vitamin C and plant bioflavinoids help reduce redness and tighten pores with Soothing Aloe.

Nourishing hydration helps re-balance skin and soften rough areas.

Mist Spray allows you to spray directly on face (close eyes) or spray onto a cotton pad and apply directly after cleansing.

Made in USA. 4.5fl oz plastic bottle w/spray mist top

Ingredients include: stabilized, time-released vitamin C, natural fragrance: Orange essential oil

Skin sensitivity to essential oils and plant extracts is possible. A patch test is advised before use for highly allergic individuals.