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*Colors may not be true on color charts due to web views on different screens

Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart
Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart
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Winter Colors Wardrobe Chart

Our 4 seasons Color Charts are plastic coated and foldable for easy use.

This chart makes it easier to find any very cool based 'Winter' colors. It doesn't matter if the color in question isn't on the chart, so long as it blends/harmonizes with several colors on the chart, it's a Winter! Example: Put this chart onto an icy-yellow or a blue-red and they won't 'match' the chart but if they harmonize with three or more colors on the chart (including the butterfly which is a basic) they are Winter's colors. Silver goes with all Winter colors.

Warm based colors like orange will clash with the Winter chart. Cool based Summer colors will look overly bright or washed out & dull against a Winter chart.

Note: Colors on your monitor may not be true.