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Velvet Veil Hand & Body Lotion

Velvet Veil Hand & Body Lotion
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Product Description

Velvet Veil Hand & Body Lotion

Velvet veil is paraben-free. It contains a silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants to smooth skin, while the jojoba esters help soothe and protect.

For instantly silky feeling skin. Smooth on skin to instantly super-soften skin surface and seal in leaves your skin so silky and soft that you won't be able to help luxuriating in it.

Velvet Veil contains breathable, make-up grade silicones for slip, rather than mineral oils, and can be used under foundation for special silkiness.

Can be used in hair as well as on skin, Apply a tiny bit to Hair to make it satin soft. Not for internal use.

Net WT. 1.2 fl OZ, Made in USA