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Transformations Color Analysis
Transformations Color Analysis by Appointment

Private seminars in Kent, WA by Linda Rocheleau, owner of for over 25 yrs. Gift Certificates available. She has given countless color seminars, worked as a makeup artist in major dept. stores, given television seminars, etc. Call 253-854-1366 or email to inquire about pricing and times for either Linda or Michelle.

Michelle Dupar in Shoreline, WA Private & group seminars. She is trained by Linda and has given seminars over WA for the State of WA. Michelle is also a trained medical trauma and deposition nurse with a color and fashion eye. Michelle isn't allergic to animals and scents like Linda so she can go to your own closet or on a personal shopping trip by appointment.

Linda & Michelle serve those in the greater Seattle-Belleuve-Redmond, Renton Federal Way, Kent to Tacoma areas who want to look their best.