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Spring Wardrobe Color Chart

Spring Wardrobe Color Chart
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Product Description

No need to match! The color doesn't even need to be on the chart. Just put the color in question behind chart. Are there more than 2 or 3 colors on the chart can be worn with it easily-voila!

Put a smaller item or pattern directly on chart and look row by row to see if it blends with the colors on the chart-so easy!

4-Season Blending Charts for wardrobe, make-up, even interior design. Blend to Charts [not match] to find any color much more versatile than fabric swatches!

This chart blends with all (Warm) Spring colors

(You warm reds will look like they could be an extension of the orange row 'rainbow'. Your deeper blues will blend to the blue & pink side of chart as will your periwinkles & violets. Your creamy whites go wiith it all)

Approx. size 6" x 9" plastic coated surfaces/foldable