Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!
Sensitive Skincare
Sensitive Skincare

Are you are sensitive to certain ingredients? We can help!

My husband and I, my mother, brother & sister all have sensitive skins. We use natural sensitive skin care products for each of our skin types.

Aura has trial sizes for those who are extra-sensitive/allergic. All made in the USA sold by Aura Cosmetics at online.

For instance: The Ultimate Grains are very gentle exfoliators on most sensitive skins, however, grains are not recommended on couperose skins. Instead, try vitamin loaded B-3 Exfoliating Surface Peel you simply rinse off.

Age Recovery products are natural based and designed to be gentle, yet very effective, for maturing skins. Cell Youth Actif is highly recommended, as well.

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