Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!
My Skin is Normal to Dry
Creme base is a good moisturizing choice for Normal-Dry Skins and provides good coverage.

Full coverage: try Creme Foundations in Creme Sticks or compacts, and paramedical creme foundations

Med coverage: Moisture Complex Liquid Foundations are aloe creme based

Light-Medium coverage Jojoba Liquid Foundation Liquid foundations are good choices for Normal to Dry skins.

Light Coverage: scent free Aloe Water Base Foundations

*Pressed wet/dry minerals come in mirrored compact Minerals

**If you are sensitive to oils but have dry skin, try mixing our oilfree Moisture Boost Hydragel into oil-free foundation or apply under mineral foundations or powders

Rough texture: Equalizing Serum before applying makeup

Foundation Primer helps keep foundation on longer

Cream Correctors and Concealers can hide dark circles and spots or use oilfree Flawless Complection Gels under makeup to even out skin tones.