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Easy to use hydrating Facial Mask

Moisture Infusion Creme Mask
Moisture Infusion Creme Mask
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Product Description

Moisture Infusion Creme Mask

Moisture Infusion Cream Masque (alternate spelling)

Paraben-free Professional facial mask that you can use at home between treatments for dry skin.

Moisture Infusion Crème Masque infuses dry, dehydrated skin with long lasting moisture, comfort-restoring oils and soothing plant extracts, all within minutes.

Moisture Infusion Cream Mask contains a wonderful array of natural plant extracts, natural oils and antioxidants.

Directions: Apply generously to dry skin then wait until mask becomes transparent. Rinse or wipe away mask then finish with moisturizer. Use as 1-2x week or as needed.

Available in plastic jar, Net wt. 2 oz, Made in U.S.A.