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Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup

'4 Seasons' Color Pallets: Whatever your season, you look most natural and healthy ALL year around in your own color group. -Click Photos below to open:

'AUTUMN' colors are the warmest most complex colors with orange/amber yellow bases: Golden and spicy colors like salmon, coral, rust, topaz, wine, olive, turquoise, oyster, ivory, pine, cactus, bronze, honey, tan, bronze, gold

'SPRING' colors are also warm - clearer often brighter versions of Autumn colors like: tangerine instead of pumpkin, peaches & cream, bright aqua, bright periwinkle, lime and grass green, coral pinks, chocolate, gold

'SUMMER' colors are actually cooler more blue based than Spring colors. They are softer versions of Winter colors like pastel blue and lavender, cool mint and spruce, soft navy and grays, off-white, soft magenta and rose, silver

'WINTER' colors are the most intense, coldest blue-based colors: royal blue, purple, deep navy, forest green, crimson, blue-red, orchid, fuchsia, white, black, silver