Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!
Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup Styles

Warm of Cool based undertones- Whatever your 'Season', you look natural, healthy and refreshed year around in colors that reflect your own natural undertones.

AUTUMNS look great in camouflage and fall colors like pumpkin, rust, gold, cinnamon, salmon, coral, oyster, olive, plum brown, mahogany, pine, jade...

SPRINGS glow in warm bright, clear colors especially near the face like cream, peach, apricot, cantaloupe, coral pink, geranium red, periwinkle, tangerine, daisy yellow, golden brown, bright aqua, gold

SUMMERS have bluer undertones than Springs, soft cool water color tones that are less dramatic than Winter colors like soft blue, lavender, pastel rose pink, soft raspberry, grayed navy, blueberry, cool gray, off white, silver

WINTERS reflect very cool blue undertones. They look great in intense royal blue, deep purple, deep crimson red, orchid, vivid fuchsia, amethyst, pure white, jet black, silver

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