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Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup

'4 Seasons' Color Pallets: Whatever your season, you look most natural and healthy All year around in your own best colors. -Click Photos below to open:

'AUTUMN' colors are the warmest most complex colors with orange/amber bases: Golden spicy colors like salmon, coral, rust, fireside reds, topaz, olive, turquoise, oyster, ivory, warm greens like pine & cactus, honey, tan, bronze, gold

'SPRING' colors are warm and clear, often brighter and less complex than Autumn colors; bright tangerine instead of pumpkin, bright aqua, periwinkle, lime, grass green, peach, cream, coral pink, coral red, chocolate, khaki, gold

'SUMMER' colors are actually cool; soft cool pastels, grayed or 'powdered' looking colors. They are warmer/less dramatic versions of Winter Colors orange/gold of Spring colors.

'WINTER' colors are coolest bluest based and intense colors: deep royal blue, purple, dark navy, crimson blue reds, orchid, vivid fuchsia, white, black, silver