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Bamboo Goat Hair Blush Brush

Bamboo Goat Hair Blush Brush
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Product Description

Bamboo Goat Hair Blush Brush

This is the brush to apply blush without any visible edges and to apply a gentle amount to lighter skintones.

All natural Chinese goat hair in bamboo is one of the few items Aura Cosmetics sells that is not made in the USA. They are so soft!

These brushes last and last and are very soft they leave a feathered edge of color on cheeks.

Hint* The trick is to not smash the brush down straight down into powder blush! Sweep the ends gently back and forth like a broom. These brushes can last 10 even 20 yrs with proper care.

The first time out and after washing, you'll need to sweep and sweep to get the brush to pick up color the first time. After that, you'll be able to just sweep a couple times back and forth for just the right amount of color on the brush for each cheek.


If you need to wash the brush, due to excessive oils, just use a little dish or liquid soap without submerging the handle, then rinse well. Alcohol or brush cleaners usually aren't necessary. Air dry after putting brush back into shape by running clean fingers up from the base to the pointed ends.