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Red Fix_Flawless Complexion Gel

Flawless Complexion Gel_ Red Fix
Flawless Complexion Gel_ Red Fix
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Product Description

Flawless Complexion Gel_ Red Fix

Oil-free, unscented

Red Fix is a great product to camouflage overly reddened skin tones.

This advanced antioxidant enriched formulation evens out skin tones with a water resistant gel to 'Lock in Moisture' and prevent shine. Flawless Complexion Gels contain Vitamins A & E plus Alpha Lipoic Acid, recommended by Dermatologists.

It glides on smoothly to be worn alone or under bronzer or sunscreen. Use a sheer amount where needed.

Men can use this as well as women. Green neutralizes the color red, which is why green concealer works best to cover reddened skin areas like red noses, red cheeks or reddened acne blemishes.

Made in USA. , Net Wt .5 fl oz, in a plastic airless pump bottle

Also the paramedical foundations and foundation creme sticks we carry are great for covering reddened areas on cheeks, etc.