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Flawless Complexion Gel- Red Fix
Flawless Complexion Gel- Red Fix
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Product Description

Flawless Complexion Gel-Red Fix

Oil-free, unscented Red Fix is for anyone with overly red tones like on noses & cheeks. I's a great product to camouflage overly red areas or overly pink skin tones.

This advanced antioxidant enriched formulation evens out skin tone with a water resistant gel to 'Lock in Moisture' and prevent shine. All our Flawless Complexion Gels contain Vitamins A & E plus Alpha Lipoic Acid recommended by Dermatologists.

It glides on smoothly to be worn alone or under any foundation or bronzer.

Only use a sheer amount-you don't need to go fully green, just enough to calm down the red. "My husband works out of doors and it calms down his red couperose nose. I use it on my nose and cheeks"

Made in the USA. Net Wt .5 fl oz comes in plastic airless pump bottle