Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!

Light rose pink with a cool pink base

Creme Beige 3 Moisture Complex Foundation
Creme Beige 3 Moisture Complex Foundation
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Product Description

Creme Beige Moisture Complex #3

For light cool pink skin tones. Creme Beige #3 Moisture Complex is a cool based light pink - without orange or warm yellow undertones.

Self adjusting Emollient based Moisture Complex liquid make-up combines light-weight natural oils, Elastin Collagen and Paba-Free Sunscreen SPF-15 to protect and cover skin. Contains Talc

Available in glass bottle with a spatula in black lid for easy application. Moisture Complexes colors can be mixed together by using the spatula that comes in the lid to get the perfect blend with changing seasons.

Net wt. 1 fl oz. Made in the USA

1-2 bottles can go first class, 3 bottles or more weigh over 13 oz total box weight must automatically be shipped priority within the USA.