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Cooler Colors
Cooler Colors

Color charts in cool colors have the blue bases called cool undertones.

Cool grays, for instance, have a blued base or (undertone) rather than a warmer pewter cast. Cool Browns have a cocoa or blue violet base rather than the warm goenden or orange browns.

Cool colors contain no orange, gold, bronze or mustard

Cool crimson red, spruce green, blue violet and deep amethyst purples contain blue bases rather than warm orange or golden yellow bases.

Winter colors have the coolest blue and violet and dramatic undertones while Summer colors have softer blue and blue violet casts.

Summer clothing colors including cool pastels, soft blues and grays and mid tones one sees in stores in Summertime.

Spring colors are warmer like peaches and cream, tangerine and bright aqua blues that traditionally hit the stores right after Winter months each year. They are clear fresh colors after a long cold winter.

Autumn colors are warm and muted like the fall colors we see in nature.