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Color Collections and Makeup Styles
ERIKA (shown left) is a Very-Warm Autumn with fair skin & steel blue eyes with no outer rim color

Even though her eyes are pale steel blue, wearing most blues and pinks and lavenders make her skin look pale and washed out. Turquoise or teal blues, Salmon and coral are far better against her cameo complexion. Also being an Autumn, she can wear deeper colors right at her neckline like the pine green she is wearing above.


If you relate to one of these groups, try that color group first. If you are confused by this, go with the colors you feel best wearing or contact us for more help.

<>VERY WARM Autumn Tones & Earthy Colors<>

Rich Gold and Amber Base colors

[Your natural blush is bronze/cinnamon/terracotta/warm burgundy/warm mauve or cameo]

You look great in colors like tea, oyster, khaki, tan, olive, pine, terracotta, rust, salmon, firey-red, muted Aubergine, Plum & Merlot. Turquoise, peacock blue, teal & muted marine blues are good choices- Khaki, Tan Slacks, Ivory/Gold/Bronze/Coral/Topaz/Amber/Ivory & Beige Pearls


<>WARM <> Clear 'Youthful Spring' Sunny/Peach Based Colors

[Your natural blush is peachy pink, coral pink, peach, apricot, light bronze, mocha pink or mocha]

You look great in medium contrast hues like peaches & cream, beige & dusty pink, coral & geranium red, butter & champagne, light teal & aqua, clear cadet navy & mustard, tangerine & lime, camel & tobacco brown, light khakis or beige slacks, Periwinkle, Gold/citrine/Topaz/Fire Opal/ Pink Coral/light ivory and peachy pearls In general, lighter worn colors worn near the face are best or add some gold jewelry, etc.



Strong/Cold/Blued Colors/Winter Icy Pastels

[Your natural blush is cool mauve/blued pinks-fuchsia tones]

You look great in pure black & white, silver and high contrast colors with blue bases. Royal blue, Deep Amethyst, intense fuchsia, , mauve, gray, deep blood crimson and cranberry reds, deep emerald, deep ink navy and Lapis blue, Black slacks, Stone wash, ink or idigo - accessories in shiny silver, white gold, platinum, onyx, white & black pearls



Soft, Languid, gentle sky and watery blues, gray and baby blues, cool pastels

[Your natural blush is soft rose/pastel mauve/pastel pink]

You look best in lower contrast powdered/grayed/lavender & blue based colors:

Soft Gray, lilac, baby blue, rose pink, watermelon, soft white, strawberry, raspberry, soft magenta, blue-greens (soft navy, coco brown & charcoal are better than jet black) Blue Jeans, stone or gray slacks, brushed and soft silver, platinum/white gold, aquamarine, moonstone, amethyst, pink fresh water pearls.