Anti-Aging Natural Skincare plus Classic and Mineral Makeup
Blush Tips by Aura Cosmetics
Blush Tips by Aura Cosmetics

Our model left has Warm undertones. Her skin is honey beige. Tawny Peach Blush and Nectar pressed mineral blush look natural on her skin's warm 'Spring' undertones.

Warm skin tones: 1. Look at inner wrist - veins appear greenish.

2. Gold, Copper, Bronze is flattering, Apricot, Beige, Brown, Camel, Coral and Salmon, Khaki and Kelly Green, Aquamarine & Teal are Spring & Autumn colors.

Cool skin tones: 1. Look at inner wrist - veins appear bluish

2. Silver & Platinum is flattering. Magenta or Fuchsia, Cobalt blue, Amethyst, Raspberry, Lavender, Charcoal Gray are cool Summer and Winter colors.

___________________________________________________________ *********************************************************** Use your blush brush properly by sweeping side to side over a color. Never press straight down unless you are using a kabuki brush or you will damage the hairs! Sweep back and forth and brush will last much longer.

Start at the ear and brush inward curving towards nose and back up. You can feel the top and bottom of your cheekbone with your fingers. Try not to apply color higher or lower than your natural cheekbone. If your forehead is high like the woman here, dust a little along hairline.