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Autumn Wardrobe Color Chart

Autumn Wardrobe Color Chart
Item# XC03

Product Description

No need to match! The color doesn't even need to be on the chart. Just put the color in question behind chart. Are there more than 2 or 3 colors on the chart can be worn with it easily-voila!

Put a smaller item or pattern directly on chart and look row by row to see if it blends with the colors on the chart-so easy!

4-Season Blending Charts for wardrobe, make-up, even interior design. Blend to Charts [not match] to find any color much more versatile than fabric swatches!

This chart blends with all (Very Warm) Autumn colors

(your Blues, Purples & Plums will blend-Not Clash-with colors on chart)

Approx. size 6" x 9" plastic coated surfaces/foldable