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All 4 Seasons Color Charts

All 4 Seasons Color Charts
Item# VL86

Product Description

All 4-Seasons Color Charts

Transformations wardrobe color charts are more accurate than color swatches. Each chart has 25 spectro-graphed colors that harmonize (blend) with all that season's colors. Made in USA.

Winter and Summer are cool based colors with no orange. They all harmonize with silver, platinum and blued grays.

Spring & Autumn are warm based colors and they all harmonize with, brass, ivory, bronze, copper and gold

Find the correct undertone & color versatile it's like magic. It's easy with all four charts to get it right with the simple directions!

Each color chart is approx. 9" x 6" waterproofed and laminated. They can be folded to carry in a purse when shopping.

Each chart has a Butterfly in a 'basic color' that is great for coats, shoes, purses, suits, eyeliner, etc. with that seasons' colors. It acts as an extra basic color.


The butterflies on charts...
These 4 butterfies from the Tansformations color charts can make good coat & raincoat, suit, shoes and other basics with the colors on their perspective charts.

Don't forget to include them when you blend colors.