Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!

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1 Cent Testers
1 Cent Testers
Item# C001

Product Description

1 Cent Testers

Added to any current purchase there is no additional postage charge but you must tell Linda the specific colors you want to sample.

Haven't purchased yet at Aura Cosmetics? You will be charged 1 cent plus minimum shipping charge at checkout for up to 1- 5 colors on cotton tips/sponges or little containers for foundations and lipsticks.

Linda can also mark eyeliners or lipliners onto paper to send or additional lip colors, blush.

Try to be specific and write in product names or ID # during checkout in the box that says - comments. Or email the colors if you can't locate it.

This is not a big company like Amazon and is for Adults only who are trying to find the right makeup colors. Little bits of lipstick can be put into tiny plastic containers. Eye shadow, bush and mineral powder colors can be sent on cotton tips to try first. If you need help, ask Linda Rocheleau, owner

A few skincare items can be ordered in trial size, especially for sensitive skin, for an additional charge. Inquire with Linda first, so she can assist you offline. They are not included in the 1 Cent Testers.